Sunday, 31 October 2010


My friend Hannah came round last night and for the first time EVER, i tried out a fake wound on someone other than myself! Crazaaaayyy! I only did a little gash on her forehead but it looked pretty cool so i shall show you it!
I also did a slit on my own neck but i forgot to Photograph it before i went out and i came home later that night and it was all falling off and just AHHH no, didn't look anything like it did when i went out!
I'll still upload a picture but it's not very impressive i warn you now! :)
Also sorry for not putting much work up or generally anything! It's half term and i have officially been living in my new home for 9 days and you may be happy to hear i'm settling in wonderfully and love it here :) Don't worry i'll get back into the groove now!
I've got some college work which i am finishing off at the moment and will soon be putting up pictures of that to show you how i'm getting on! So here you are enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Deception Beer

Haven't posted in a while so thought i would just update you with what I'm up to!
I was recently asked to draw up the picture for a local beer called 'Deception'. The aim of the drawing was to show a red squirrel deceiving the WORLLDDDDD into thinking he is a grey squirrel! I haven't used Adobe Illustrator before now and i followed a tutorial on how to colour images on Youtube which was really useful!
Here are the stages in which i went about creating this:

1. Firstly i drew out my image in pencil and then when i was pleased with it, went over it with fine liner carefully.
2. I scanned my image into the computer and opened it up into Photoshop. The lines which i had drawn weren't very obvious on the computer and so a good way to make the image stand out and make the background white to contrast the drawing is to use the Brightness/Contrast tool in Adjustments in Photoshop.
3. When i was happy with this i opened it into Illustrator and began to add some colour. I selected the image and used the Live Trace tool, before expanding it, which then allows you to select a mode, i chose Illustration, and then you can begin filing in the sections with the Paint bucket tool.

Overall this took me an evening from about 6.00 til 11.00 to complete, which was pretty god as i came across SOOOOO many problems being an absolute Illustrator loser! I'm going to keep trying to use it though as there are so many things you can do with it that i didn't even realise! Anyway there is the final product, hope you like it! I am really proud of it i must say as i didn't expect it to turn out nicely the first time so yeah :) Look out for some more stuff like this soon, once i have set myself up in my new home, moving on friday EEKKKK!

Sunday, 3 October 2010


I am beginning to get very confusedddddd! Grrr i hate making decisions by myself, which isn't very independent but to be honest, I am very much the sort of person who likes a little reassurance that the choice i make is the right one. Not that there is a right one to make. I think spontaneous decision will always be my favourite in life, so much funner! Ohhh I'm talking nonsense! See, this is why I'm confused. And I'm moving house soon, which will be weird and exciting and crazy and a nightmare but good all the the same time, I think. Well hope! Anywayyyy enough of my life rambling, I just needed to share some of those thoughts with you, as you are reading this and clearly have taken the time out to listen to what i have to say and of course, view the work i so enjoyably produce for the world to see (well not the world but that would be cool if people from all over do actually look :D)
Fact of the day: thought you'd like to know I'm wearing one sock and not surprisingly my foot in cold.

Today has been a good day. I went to Nottingham Contemporary and saw some pretty cool work. I'm not an overly contemporary person, as you well know, but i was actually intrigued by the stuff there so i might fill you in about this if i get time tomorrow or something! I then came home after a lovely Starbucks and went on to watch a cheeky rom com '27 Dresses'. Pure predictable soppy stuff but we al love it but never admit it. Never can understand why but maybe one day i will!
So i've done a new face wound which i shall show you and also thought i'd just upload a few sketches and studies i did a while ago when reading a book on Anatomy. It's a bloody good book that :) Enjoy.