Sunday, 26 September 2010


I am trying to branch out from my basic fake wounds and have recently bought a book to try and develop my knowledge of prosthetics in general. Anywayy that's not really relevant as i followed this youtube tutorial, to make nasty looking dirty nails!
It was great to try something other than the basic latex wounds and showed me there is a lot which comes under the title of prosthetics that i didn't even know about! I didn't have all the right equipment and wasn't very precise with cutting the nails too fit my own, but i'd say overall it turned out fairly well! I can imagine this technique would work well for old london tramp in Oliver or something similar! I also read about making your teeth really disgusting and dirty in my new book as well, so totally going to try that one out one day!
I then decided to add a classic wound, just for laughs, which then turned into some kind of really over the top zombie corpse type thing. I always use acrylic to paint on my skin which i possibly shouldn't and it isn't very effective because you can't blend it very well and it's very irritating! So i'm going to try and find some face paint of something, though i think I'm allergic to it, but never mind it will be worth it :) Hope you like!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Had a bit of a spur of energy recently and i have actually managed to do another wound! Which is a bit shocking really. I didn't actually take photos of the stages because i tried this wound on my face, which i haven't done before but it worked quite well actually! Here you go

This one is a lot different o my other because i tried to make it subtle and look more realistic than just completely bloody and gruesome! I wanted it to look like a bruise so added yellowish, green and purpley colours around the wound.
Why did i add these colours i hear you say?
Well i'm no good at medicine or science anything like that but i do remember that bruise are a minor form of internal bleeding and we see these array of colours due to burst capillaries and a leakage of blood into the surrounding tissues and it's all part of the healing process.

Or something like that anyway, i would google it but i feel clever having not, even though that is most probably incorrect! Ahhh well hey! Anyway i hope you like this one, i'm quite pleased with the result and might try another one on the face, just for grins :)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another wound

Since my last post, which was a long while ago, i have started College and settled in nicely which is good :) It's an Art Foundation course if your interested and i have met some lovely already and i'm really looking forward to this project we're about to start to do with making books! If I enjoy it, you'll know as i shall inform on here :) Anywayyyy who cares about that, when i've been making fake wounds again! WAHOO!

Here you have a lovely fake wound across the hand. I intended for it to look like a knife slice or something, ripped open so you can see the muscles beneath but it didn't work how i wanted! This was because I didn't mix the Liquid Latex i use (see older posts for more info) with any toilet paper, making it very rubbery and rubbish for painting onto! Also when i painted the wound i wasn't pleased with the outcome. I was just being generally lazy about it wasn't I, couldn't be arsed to mix the colours properly so they came out majorly purple and pink, not the most realistic i'll be honest but hey ho, learn from your mistakes i say! I think I'm rather disgusting actually, because i love making these, there so fun to create and ahhhh i just think they're cool when there all done and you see the progression! Actually next time i do one i shall take pictures of the stages so you can see too :) Hope you like anyways! :)