Saturday, 28 August 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I was inspired by my last post to actually finish this drawing. I think it was worth the wait and this is a late birthday present for my dear friend Phoebe, so i hope you like it dear! We should soon be going to see Scott Pilgrim Versus the World soon avec Eliot, which i am very much looking forward to. Not only that but tonight i am going to see 'The Girl who played with Fire' which is the sequel to to one i watched the other day! So i am tressss excited for that :)
I photographed the drawing s that you can see the detail in the face etc, i hope it is clear as it just looks better in person i suppose :)

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I can't believe how long it is taking me to get motivated. I haven't finished my Joseph Gordon-Levitt drawing yet. How bad is that. As i have been saying for like half the summer that I would do. I think it's just because i haven't had a routine. I find when you get up at the same time, have breakfast, shower, get ready etc. it puts you in the right frame of mind to go out and get on with the day. Where as i feel now days i just waste the time i could spend painting and creating which is what i love but i just can't force myself at the moment to do something other than relax. Which i suppose isn't a bad thing but i don't like it. It is boring and unrewarding, so there i am looking forward to starting college on Wednesday :) get me back into the groove of things! Oh dear i did not just say groove.

I haven't even done any fake wounds for ages or anything. This saddens me. I might do one tomorrow just for laughs.

Anyway i have just watched the swedish film version of 'The Girl with the dragon tattoo' and that is one of the best films i've seen since Inception. So not that long really but it was so impressive, realistic and engrossing (as in it kept you on your toes, wanting to know more). The next film comes out tomorrow, that's 'The Girl who played with fire'. I would say i will read the books but if you know me, you know i am the slowest reader alive and find it difficult, yet again to motivate myself to read. The main character, Lisabeth Salander, is so interesting it makes you want to see the next one immediately, so i may have to try and get to the cinema and see that! I would recommend it to anyone, but watch it in Swedish with English subtitles. So much better. It's like Wallander, the investigation programme! That's Swedish and very good. Good old Swedes.

I have also watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is possibly the best animation EVER. It is a stop motion, which you can guess is basically where they alter the models to suit every single little movement, so each scene must have taken days to make, so it must have taken AGES for the entire animation to be completed. I've done my research and it actually says that the director, Wes Anderson, filmed some scenes on his iPhone. But hey, you can;t always trust Wikipedia. I find films so interesting. I wish i could work in films doing something. Hopefully one day I shall. I would loveeee...i mean LOVE LOVE to do the voice for a cartoon or animated film. As i like putting on acsents allllllllll the time. AnywayyI thought seen as it is going to take me an age to complete, but i am really happy with it so far, i would put up my Gordon-Levitt picture so far so you can see how I'm getting on! The picture doesn't particularly do it justice if I'm honest, i feel it is one of my best so far so I'm unsure why I'm not eager to finish it. So i shall have to upload a proper picture when i have completed it.

Monday, 23 August 2010

V Festival 2010

I hath returned and blimey that was one brilliant trip! I haven't laughed quite that much in a long time, just from being so happy! I won't ramble on about it as i find when you try to describe how much you enjoyed something, it never quite comes across to the other person how you might want! So instead, here a few of the best bands i saw when at V fest and a few of my favourite pictures from the event! :)

These are the main bands we saw :)


Friday, 20 August 2010

V Festival

Today, in about 2 hours i will be heading off to V Festival at Weston Park 2010!
Now last year i went and it was amazing so here are a few pictures of the event! I'm not doing a long post as i haven't fully packed and need to seriously get a jog on so hopefully i will update later this week if i can to show you the new photos of upcoming fun times!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ahh! Mr Bounce

Yesterday was brilliant. Charlotte Eley hosted a wonderful:
bouncy castling, barbecuing , marsh-mellow roasting, cider drinking, slug squashing, ultimate frisbee playing, shuttle cock hitting, tent camping, cat stroking, deadly 60 watching, smoke eye squinting, at Calum laughing
So thank you!
Was a very good night i must say! I didn't take any pictures because i don't like my camera but other people did so i may pop a picture up which i shall steal :)

I have finished Eliot's present which is Matthew Fox (Jack from Lost). I'm not that fond of it because i can see the major imperfections, like the eyes and nose and chin and errggghhh it's irritating! But i'm sure El will like it. I hope :) Anyway there it is below! Eliot, if you read this beforei give it you, i have framed it for you :)

I also went for a lovely walk with Dad the other day and we took some pictures of the field. I've put up some pictures previously which i took on my good camera of the same location where we walked, just a little field near where i live. I love it down there, the river is beautiful and i saw a man not long ago swimming against the current! You can actually buy machines which simulate (i think that is the appropriate word?) the strong current of a river so you can train yourself to be a stronger swimmer! So i found it interesting to see someone embracing the great outdoors, it was just very nice to see! Anywayyyy here are a couple of pictures of us on hay barrels :)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chef Sophie

Just an excuse for a post. Here's an old picture i drew which i've always liked. It's of my friend Emma and i used coloured pencil crayons, as you can see! The Matthew Fox i am trying to do at the moment will hopefully come out with the same sort of style! Anywayyyy today, i put my culinary skills to the test and made dinner for the family! Which is pretty major for me as i'm no Nigella, let's be honest! I made a cross between Shepard's pie and Bolognese! It was actualyl rather tasty and took a far part of my day to put together but it was worth it!

Here it is, in all it's glory!

If i envy anyone it is
1. People who are really athletic
(becuase they are so motivated, i mean i couldn't do hardcore exercise everyday, it shows haaa)
2. People who can deal with any situation no matter how unusual
3. And people who can cook
(because it's just a great life skill and produces the amazment, which is FOOD)
Fortunately my family all really enjoyed it. Was rather successful to be quite frank and i feel i am well on my way to being Nigella.

I just ate a fly. Thought i would share that. It flew into my mouth and i then ate it before realizing. NASTY.

So yes, that was my. I also have been doing some college work and ate lemon sherbets which were so sour my mouth bled which was severe but worth it because lemon sherbets are my favourite :)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blood Diamond

You many have noticed I only really write about films or art but it's because they are two great, great things. So since Inception I can't stop loving Leo and have recently watched Blood Diamond! For those who don't know, the plot is based around conflict diamonds being smuggled from South Africa to America and other places. It's a very intense, captivating movie i would say, which was also very moving (i nearly did shed a tear). It's quite a long film but it was really worth the watch. One of those eye opener films that makes you appreciate life and gives you an insight into the unfortunate lifestyles of slaves and those being held captive etc.

Anywayyy let's not get depressing. I mean, it's not a depressing film because it's very informative, based on true facts (not a true story though) but it obviously isn't the chirpiest of films! There's lots of action scenes though which I loved. I'm a fan of films like the Bourne films and Public Enemies, stuff like that, so really appealed to me!

I intend to watch the departed with Dicaprio so i shall possibly report back if i get round the watching that!
Also I have been slacking and literally having even finished my Joseph Gordon-Levitt drawing, which is a bit pathetic and i am also going to start a Matthew Fox (Jack from Lost) one soon for Eliot, because he loves him. As do I. Not as much as Sawyer though...phoawrrrr! SO i shall report back with that! Also agessss ago when i wrote about A Single Man, i said i would wirte about another film. I'm not going to clearly because it wasn't THAT great on reflection. It was An Education. Worth the watch. A bit odd but nice screen shots of Paris and France in general :)