Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I haven't been busy or anything, I just haven't posted in a long time, simply because i'm majorly lazy. I am going to start doing stuff from now on. Really! I plan to go into town today to buy a sketch book, as i start College in September and have been asked to start a journal, so fingers crossed i will get ready, drive in and purchase one! So i haven't been up to much, but what i have been doing is going to the cinema! There are a right good selection of films out at the moment and i have been to see a few of them! Shrek 4, Toy Story 3 and Inception. All of which were better than i thought they would be. Especially Incpetion.

I'm a HUGE film fan, but i hadn't really heard a lot about this film, the only reason I went was because Alex and Mum wanted to see it, so i went along for the ride. Turned out to be one of the most involving and captivating films i've seen! So clearly i fell in love. I think it might have helped that Leonardo Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy ALLLLLLL looked hot to trot and just ultimately divine at all times. Leo, you've still got it!

So as a tribute to the lovely Leo I decided to draw a picture of him from his youth. It's inspired by the drawings in Cathy's Book, because the illustrations are simplistic yet individual and i wanted to manipulate the effortless style. I plan to draw/paint Leo as well, maybe using a more recent image, so look out for that post soon! Anddd I've nearly finished a drawing of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but no matter how many times I sit down and say to myself "COME ON SOPH...you can finish this, today is the day!" I never do. Because my attention span is not great these day. I sound so old. But I'm not. Oh dear, so when i do get round to finishing it I will upload that too so keep checking back :)

Friday, 16 July 2010


This is quite a boring post but i haven't done anything of great interest lately which would suit the blog! I mean, I haven't been painting or drawing lately. Just because I'm being lazy really! I would like to do something actually, I should pull my finger out but annnywayyy, in the mean time i have been going walking and took some nice photographs when i ventured out! Here are three nice ones i rather like! It was a bit of a grim day but I quite liked that, though it didn't really seem summery, still managed to capture some nice scenes! So enjoy :)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

James Hetfield

I have now finished Adam's James Hetfield (lead singer of Metallica) drawing! It took a while because i took breaks and didn't do a lot to it ha plus my hand was killing again DAMIT!
Anywayy here if the finished product! I took some pictures of the drawing next to my Brandon Boyd painting, because they are both musical :) Hopefully you can see a development from my earlier work, hopefully ha! To see them bigger by the way just click on them :) Shhhhhhh

Monday, 5 July 2010

Liquid Latex

Looking at my previous attempt at making a fake wound, it's really not as good as when you use Liquid Latex.
I tried to create a kind of burn or acid burn! This was a first go at using it, just after looking at tutorials and pictures etc. It's funny because you don;t expect it to be as rubbery as it is, it's like elastic when it dries! As it was drying i added some toilet roll to it and when it was practically dried i just ripped little bits to look like the more severe parts of the burn!
It's really easy to paint once it's dry and because it dries white, i just used some foundation to make it blend in to my skin and then used acrylic paint to add the gory bits :)

Hopefully you will think it is a lot better than my first go! Also if you try it, always put vaseline on before hand, otherwise, if you put it on a bit of your skin which has hairs, it will rip them off, which hurts. Yes i do know because i was foolish enough to allow the latex to spill over where i had applied vaseline! Like i say, idiot! And alsooooooo it doesn't allow you skin to breath so leaving it on for a long time would be silly :) I'll keep trying out different techniques, might try it on my face but it's kinda risky with sensative skin!

Anyyyyywayyyy i'll shhhh

Sunday, 4 July 2010


On Friday we ventured to West Midlands Safari park and saw lots of animals :) This as very exciting for me as i haven't been to the zoo before, as caged animals saddens me greatly! On the other hand, lots of animals roaming free and happy is a lot better and therefore the safari park was a good call! Here are a few of the best pictures i took when there! Also i saw a Hippo. Whish was AMAZING because i have loved them since i was about 6.