Monday, 28 June 2010


My little Smalice is finally 18! WHOOP!
As a gift for i her i decided to draw a pencil skecth of one of our many epic pictures!
I used a different technique to my normal cross hatching sketches and i think it paid off! I'm working on another drawing for Adam of James Hetfield (lead singer of Metallica) :) which is coming on nicely and i will update once i have finished that bad boy! My arm hurts at the moment though, because i'm an idiot. Let me just define idiot

1. A foolish or stupid person.
2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive

That is me.
I never take breaks when i draw damit! It's so bad. I'm literally going to become disabled in the next year if i carry on as my arm feels dead all the time! I don;t have many habits but not taking breaks and rubbing my mouth whilst eating are my two worst! I always try and get it done in one go, but alas, it must be karma getting the better of me, so i've had to resort to taking break! I should anyway really! Neverminnnddd, anwyayyyyy enjoy!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I love painting on my skin. I decided i would try and make fake wounds and gashes in my arms to look like i have been cut. No I'm not going through a sinister goth type girl phase (sorry to stereotype) BUTTTT i have been watching far too much CSI and love the make up and special effects in the programme!

Okay so i understand the scalpel might be a bit over the top, but that was Alex's idea as he took the pictures! Haaa but i went along with it anyway!
Anywayyyyy so i would have used some kind of halloween skin paint, if i had any but i don't so i just used acrylic paint, which is okay butttt it's quite annoying to remove! When i have previously painted on my skin i just washed it off and it came off in lumps but you can, as I discovered, peel it off, which is incredibly painful and rips the hair away. Ouchie.

I used clear PVA glue for the basic outline and stuck down toilet roll as well, to emphasize the wound. It looked funny for a while and then i painted it, using darker tones on the inside so that the cut looked like skin had been ripped away!

Gruesome huh? I actually invest in some special make up to see if i could make it more realistic and maybe ONE DAY i could work for the CSI show :)

i can see it now

Saturday, 19 June 2010


I NEED TO WRITE ABOUT THAT FILM! I will one day! But more interestingly, recently i spent two days helping out with some set design at school. I know i've left but it was something to do and it has honestly been a great experience! I learnt so much just from those couple of days about the theatre design industry! I took some pictures along the way of the progress we made over the couple of days, this was between two of us by the way, a woman named Claire Winfield, who is a scenic artist for Derby and Nottingham playhouse, was kind enough to let me lend a hand :)
The design is for the school production of Oliver which is being put on in July. Claire designed the entire back drop herself, based on research on the internet and books. We then projected the design onto the wall of the main hall stage. We used layers to map out the basic colours of buildings and all that, gradually strengthening the colours! It was a pretty hands on job to be honest, climbing up scaffolding and jumping around! Felt like a monkey. Good times. So anyyywayy here are the pictures, showing how the set progressed! :)

Monday, 14 June 2010


Well i know i haven't actually written about the next film yet but i will soon. I can't be arsed now to be quite honest but i want to quickly show you what i did today! My paper arrived this morning so i decided to painting a portrait for my friend Emily because she said she would like one of Johnny Depp. Emily when you read this, when it's dry it's all yours :) It's still an ickle bit wet when i took the picture but hopefully you can see the jist of it :)
I've never actually painted a black and white portrait before so this is a first :) The lighting in the background is mega wonky i have just realised so i may just edit that!

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I came on blogger, as i'm very bored these days, seen as all my friends are busy revising and i'm not MUHA. I'm just waiting until June 30th. Butttt it has it good points, obviously. My friend Emily would probably kill to be me right now having 'la merde charge' of exams. Pardon my french. Literally. But these are lonely lonely times! I miss PEOPLE! Anywayyy i came on and found that you can use this new design template thing and thought i have the time sooooo i'll check it out! I changed the layout so it looks a bit more like a website than a blog but i'm not sure if i'm going to stick with it yet! We shall see! The background is just a selection of a few of my favourite drawings and paintings i did over the previous summer. I think they compliment one another nicely so decided this would make a nice background to suit my lil bloggy oggy, and pretty much sum it up i suppose :)
Heres the background in full, just so you can have a proper lookie! I haven't done any painting recently becauseeee i'm waiting for some paper to be delivered. I used to get my paper supplies from school but seen as i've left, i can't! And i didn't actually think about taking a stash before i left damit! So i've HAD to order some. That's a lie. Basically translates to 'i couldn't be arsed to go to town and get some, so i went on amazon'. Well it is rainy. And town is boring on your own :) So when i get my paper i will start painting again. My oldest brother Adam, i have two, this one is Adam, asked the other if he could 'have' my Brandon Boyd painting. I love it so said no but i will do him a different one of anyyyyyyonne he wants. So soonish you shall see another painting of some musician of his choice :)

Friday, 11 June 2010


Well i have now completed school, exams, coursework, the LOT and i need to really find something to do with my time. As it has been extremely rainy, i haven't been able to venture out as much as i would have liked so i've been stuck inside watching films and tele. Which isn't such a bad thing :)
I have firstly watched two extremely good films in the past couple of days, i mean EXTREMELY good.
The first is A Single Man directed by Tom Ford. It stars Colin Firth and Nicholas Hoult (Tony from skins if that helps). My brother is really into 60's fashion and all that and has been going on about the film for ages so i decided i'd give it a go.
For anyone who has been to the Tate Gallery or the Turner Prize, then you will have seen some form of video art I imagine, well when i went on a school trip, honestly, it was ridiculous. There was a video which just zoomed in on a lemon. That was all that happened. Zoomage of a lemon. Crazyyyyy. Anywayyyyy, at the time i was so appalled by what i saw it made me really dislike contemporary art. Lately however my view is changing, which i think is a good thing? Maybe? I don't know, because i really don't want to turn my art into crap because that is what's popular! It would just be heartbreaking quite honestly, but i'm beggining to like it more and more. I mean look at artists like Anish Kappor, he's just brilliant. Definitely the sort of modern art i would support.
So getting back to A Single Man. It's relevant because the film itself, is shot like video art. I would describe it as a piece of artwork rather than a film, because it is beautifully pictured and though the plot isn't always made incredibly clear, it highlights simplistic everyday moments, which have suddenly been recognized, in contrast with the characters isolation. My brother described it like that, his name is Alex by the way, if i ever talk about Alex that's him :) and since he told me i began to realize the beauty of the film!
I don't want to ramble on for ages and am beginning to lose concentration, so my next post will be about the other film i watched which has won loads of awards and all that so i'll let you know all about it :)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


One of my favourite people in the world is Eliot. I tell him this regularly because it's true!
I can't wait for him to make a blog because i reckon it will be a very good read! Today i received a text from Eliot. It said that he was reading my blog and that he had read both my posts about Signs and Pixar. Unbeknown to the fact i had updated my blog with these, coincidently he had order some Pixar DVD's earlier that week and thought it was fate that this happened. Creeeeeeppppppyyyyyyy HUH??? Well i thought it kinda was :)
If you ever need to laugh. Talk to Eliot.
If you ever need to feel happy. Talk to Eliot.
If you ever need a generally nice chat. Talk to Eliot.
If you need a bloody brilliant hug. Hug Eliot.
Here is a picture of Eliot i drew him for his birthday :)

's Ella West's birthday today so i'd like to say

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Mattress Dominoes

If i worked in a warehouse selling mattresses, i would too.
Brillant :)
I watched it twice and listened to the noises some of the people make, there highly amusing!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Brandon :)

My favourite band are Incubus. Always has been that way and i suspect it always will be, just can't get enough! It's annoying though because there so American based rather than UK and i've seen them once but would love to again if they ever do a tour again. I'm a big fan of Brandon Boyd. His music, his art and his general sexiness :) So here is an oil painting i have done of him, which I'm going to frame and put in my room, as if I ever do art i give it away or it's for school so this is for moi!