Monday, 22 March 2010

Pug Lovin

Meet the clan, we have the handsome gentleman that is Luke, our 10 year old Lab, jelly legs Lizzy, the tiniest pug of all time, now 7 years old and the newest addition to the family, Mel, the cheeky bone cruncher who turns 3 this year. Now i love to take pictures of them because there always around doing funny things and looking adorable so here are a few photos i've taken over the years.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


I finished my last art project around Christmas time, so it is over and done with! I was looking at models who have found themselves in an unsuited environment, which clashed with the clothes they had on or the person themselves. I was greatly inspired by artist Tim Okamura, who works in america producing brilliant urban artwork, which is where the main spur of my inspiration occurred.

Tim Okamura, Fortis, 2009, Mixed Media on canvas

I used my friend Chris as the model for this piece, as i found his expression suited the environment as well as the fact he was easiest to paint of my friends :) You can see he is wearing a suit jacket, contrasting with the mixed media background of ripped posters and splattered paint. I found painting this 8ft by 4ft painting incredibly challenging but i enjoyed it so much (made me feel like a professional artist WHOOP) and i hope you like what i have produced

Sophie Clouston, Chris, Mixed media on canvas, 2009

Panoramic photo of our sixth form art conservatory

Close up of the musical mixed media background, showing painting and collage

A Glimpse of Work

Recently i have been looked at Identity for my school artwork. Having looked at artist Jenny Saville for inspiration, i have decided to incorporate an element of her style into my own for this project. Here I have shown my interpretation of her work, which would definitely have been more expressive if on a larger scale.

My own version of Alex my brother

Jenny Saville, "Roseta 2", oil on paper laid on board, 2005-06

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Starting over.

Previously i had a messy and uninteresting blog, which didn't have any impact whatsoever.
However, in realizing this, i now plan to change this and create a truly unique blog to me, Sophie Clouston. So welcome to my world.