Saturday, 25 December 2010


Haven't written in a while due to laziness mostly but also the holiday season is upon us (it's actually christmas day RIGHTTTT now) so anywayy thought i'd quickly post my latest college project. In a nutshell i chose a to illustrate for theatres and venues in London and then apply these illustrations to forms of advertising which could be displayed in the places i had selected, such as below you can see i have applied the designs to simple Globe Theatre poster ideas.

Monday, 6 December 2010


It was Eliot's birthday on Sunday WHOOP!!!! Happy Birthday Eliot! And to celebrate his day I decided to draw him one of our favourite actors from the amazing Being Human (which starts again in January :D), Russell Tovey :) It was quite difficult to do to begin with as there is a large area of skin which is just tone! I always find it easier when there is a beard to draw! But anyway i hope you like it as much as Eliot did!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010


London was immense. Here are some of the studies I have done since i have returned! I was a bit of a stalker and took pictures of random people on the tube. I tried using illustrator to colour one and the rest a pretty bog standard line drawings and marker ones :) Also i today I spent the day in town drawing buildings and people in marker pen, which i will upload soon :D Alsoooo my wonderful friend Hannah is hosting a bit of a Thanksgiving shindig tomorrow which should beee lovvveeellyyyy :) Very excited!

ALSO there is a painting of Mary, for Mary and her sister to enjoy, as well as you all, at the bottom there :)

Monday, 15 November 2010

Robert Pattinson

What started out as a sketch last night, turned into 3 hours of detailed drawing! Which i was rather chuffed with, as 3 hours isn't too shabby for a drawing i would say! I kinda gave up towards the end and scribbled it out rather than doing the whole thing with a lovely finish to it. I used a bit of charcoal for the darker bits and found an 8B pencil in my toolbox which was AMAZING as i didn't even know i had that soft a pencil! So yes, i could have done this drawing to a higher standard I think but I'm happy with it as it is! Got a shabby look about it.

Tomorrow i am off to Londonnnnn!! Which should be awesome! I am very much looking forward to it and will be taking a lot of photos and starting a project, searching for inspiration from our capital city :)

Thursday, 11 November 2010


I've literally spent the past week making these little boxes! Time consuming but so worth, as i've never really liked building things or doing anything to do with 3-D design but found from designing the actual templates of the boxes, illustrating them and then constructing them myself, really rewarding! It's kind of changed my opinion a bit on 3-D design. I pretty much feel like, now i have given it a chance, it's not as bad as i initially would have thought! Just goes to shows that you should never dismiss something!
Here are a few images to show some of the progression stages of the making! The main focus of the boxes are to show the what could potentially be on the inside of the box, on the outside in an illustrated form! Not the best photos in the world but i am sure these will do! :)

Friday, 5 November 2010


Blimey I am having such fun at College. I'll just show you some of the work i have been doing lately. It's a lot different to what i normally do, but to be honest that's why i like it! We're all experimentmal and crazzaaayyy!
The main areas we are working in are Print (amazing), Visual Studies (amazing), Animation (amazing), Ceramics (not so amazing) and Photography (almost amazing, need to have a lot of patience for it).
So i absolutely LOVE the combinations which can occur from all of these areas and others such as Graphics and 3-D building are 'totalement impressionnant'!

So from being at college, i have so far gained: Many fun times, many nice friends, many new skills and many ideas about what i like and dislike, as well and strengths and weaknesses!
Some of the stuff i have produced isn't particularly stunning but that's not really the point. The point is to try things out and see what works for you so i am pleased with everything for this reason :)

Sunday, 31 October 2010


My friend Hannah came round last night and for the first time EVER, i tried out a fake wound on someone other than myself! Crazaaaayyy! I only did a little gash on her forehead but it looked pretty cool so i shall show you it!
I also did a slit on my own neck but i forgot to Photograph it before i went out and i came home later that night and it was all falling off and just AHHH no, didn't look anything like it did when i went out!
I'll still upload a picture but it's not very impressive i warn you now! :)
Also sorry for not putting much work up or generally anything! It's half term and i have officially been living in my new home for 9 days and you may be happy to hear i'm settling in wonderfully and love it here :) Don't worry i'll get back into the groove now!
I've got some college work which i am finishing off at the moment and will soon be putting up pictures of that to show you how i'm getting on! So here you are enjoy!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Deception Beer

Haven't posted in a while so thought i would just update you with what I'm up to!
I was recently asked to draw up the picture for a local beer called 'Deception'. The aim of the drawing was to show a red squirrel deceiving the WORLLDDDDD into thinking he is a grey squirrel! I haven't used Adobe Illustrator before now and i followed a tutorial on how to colour images on Youtube which was really useful!
Here are the stages in which i went about creating this:

1. Firstly i drew out my image in pencil and then when i was pleased with it, went over it with fine liner carefully.
2. I scanned my image into the computer and opened it up into Photoshop. The lines which i had drawn weren't very obvious on the computer and so a good way to make the image stand out and make the background white to contrast the drawing is to use the Brightness/Contrast tool in Adjustments in Photoshop.
3. When i was happy with this i opened it into Illustrator and began to add some colour. I selected the image and used the Live Trace tool, before expanding it, which then allows you to select a mode, i chose Illustration, and then you can begin filing in the sections with the Paint bucket tool.

Overall this took me an evening from about 6.00 til 11.00 to complete, which was pretty god as i came across SOOOOO many problems being an absolute Illustrator loser! I'm going to keep trying to use it though as there are so many things you can do with it that i didn't even realise! Anyway there is the final product, hope you like it! I am really proud of it i must say as i didn't expect it to turn out nicely the first time so yeah :) Look out for some more stuff like this soon, once i have set myself up in my new home, moving on friday EEKKKK!

Sunday, 3 October 2010


I am beginning to get very confusedddddd! Grrr i hate making decisions by myself, which isn't very independent but to be honest, I am very much the sort of person who likes a little reassurance that the choice i make is the right one. Not that there is a right one to make. I think spontaneous decision will always be my favourite in life, so much funner! Ohhh I'm talking nonsense! See, this is why I'm confused. And I'm moving house soon, which will be weird and exciting and crazy and a nightmare but good all the the same time, I think. Well hope! Anywayyyy enough of my life rambling, I just needed to share some of those thoughts with you, as you are reading this and clearly have taken the time out to listen to what i have to say and of course, view the work i so enjoyably produce for the world to see (well not the world but that would be cool if people from all over do actually look :D)
Fact of the day: thought you'd like to know I'm wearing one sock and not surprisingly my foot in cold.

Today has been a good day. I went to Nottingham Contemporary and saw some pretty cool work. I'm not an overly contemporary person, as you well know, but i was actually intrigued by the stuff there so i might fill you in about this if i get time tomorrow or something! I then came home after a lovely Starbucks and went on to watch a cheeky rom com '27 Dresses'. Pure predictable soppy stuff but we al love it but never admit it. Never can understand why but maybe one day i will!
So i've done a new face wound which i shall show you and also thought i'd just upload a few sketches and studies i did a while ago when reading a book on Anatomy. It's a bloody good book that :) Enjoy.

Sunday, 26 September 2010


I am trying to branch out from my basic fake wounds and have recently bought a book to try and develop my knowledge of prosthetics in general. Anywayy that's not really relevant as i followed this youtube tutorial, to make nasty looking dirty nails!
It was great to try something other than the basic latex wounds and showed me there is a lot which comes under the title of prosthetics that i didn't even know about! I didn't have all the right equipment and wasn't very precise with cutting the nails too fit my own, but i'd say overall it turned out fairly well! I can imagine this technique would work well for old london tramp in Oliver or something similar! I also read about making your teeth really disgusting and dirty in my new book as well, so totally going to try that one out one day!
I then decided to add a classic wound, just for laughs, which then turned into some kind of really over the top zombie corpse type thing. I always use acrylic to paint on my skin which i possibly shouldn't and it isn't very effective because you can't blend it very well and it's very irritating! So i'm going to try and find some face paint of something, though i think I'm allergic to it, but never mind it will be worth it :) Hope you like!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Had a bit of a spur of energy recently and i have actually managed to do another wound! Which is a bit shocking really. I didn't actually take photos of the stages because i tried this wound on my face, which i haven't done before but it worked quite well actually! Here you go

This one is a lot different o my other because i tried to make it subtle and look more realistic than just completely bloody and gruesome! I wanted it to look like a bruise so added yellowish, green and purpley colours around the wound.
Why did i add these colours i hear you say?
Well i'm no good at medicine or science anything like that but i do remember that bruise are a minor form of internal bleeding and we see these array of colours due to burst capillaries and a leakage of blood into the surrounding tissues and it's all part of the healing process.

Or something like that anyway, i would google it but i feel clever having not, even though that is most probably incorrect! Ahhh well hey! Anyway i hope you like this one, i'm quite pleased with the result and might try another one on the face, just for grins :)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another wound

Since my last post, which was a long while ago, i have started College and settled in nicely which is good :) It's an Art Foundation course if your interested and i have met some lovely already and i'm really looking forward to this project we're about to start to do with making books! If I enjoy it, you'll know as i shall inform on here :) Anywayyyy who cares about that, when i've been making fake wounds again! WAHOO!

Here you have a lovely fake wound across the hand. I intended for it to look like a knife slice or something, ripped open so you can see the muscles beneath but it didn't work how i wanted! This was because I didn't mix the Liquid Latex i use (see older posts for more info) with any toilet paper, making it very rubbery and rubbish for painting onto! Also when i painted the wound i wasn't pleased with the outcome. I was just being generally lazy about it wasn't I, couldn't be arsed to mix the colours properly so they came out majorly purple and pink, not the most realistic i'll be honest but hey ho, learn from your mistakes i say! I think I'm rather disgusting actually, because i love making these, there so fun to create and ahhhh i just think they're cool when there all done and you see the progression! Actually next time i do one i shall take pictures of the stages so you can see too :) Hope you like anyways! :)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I was inspired by my last post to actually finish this drawing. I think it was worth the wait and this is a late birthday present for my dear friend Phoebe, so i hope you like it dear! We should soon be going to see Scott Pilgrim Versus the World soon avec Eliot, which i am very much looking forward to. Not only that but tonight i am going to see 'The Girl who played with Fire' which is the sequel to to one i watched the other day! So i am tressss excited for that :)
I photographed the drawing s that you can see the detail in the face etc, i hope it is clear as it just looks better in person i suppose :)

Thursday, 26 August 2010


I can't believe how long it is taking me to get motivated. I haven't finished my Joseph Gordon-Levitt drawing yet. How bad is that. As i have been saying for like half the summer that I would do. I think it's just because i haven't had a routine. I find when you get up at the same time, have breakfast, shower, get ready etc. it puts you in the right frame of mind to go out and get on with the day. Where as i feel now days i just waste the time i could spend painting and creating which is what i love but i just can't force myself at the moment to do something other than relax. Which i suppose isn't a bad thing but i don't like it. It is boring and unrewarding, so there i am looking forward to starting college on Wednesday :) get me back into the groove of things! Oh dear i did not just say groove.

I haven't even done any fake wounds for ages or anything. This saddens me. I might do one tomorrow just for laughs.

Anyway i have just watched the swedish film version of 'The Girl with the dragon tattoo' and that is one of the best films i've seen since Inception. So not that long really but it was so impressive, realistic and engrossing (as in it kept you on your toes, wanting to know more). The next film comes out tomorrow, that's 'The Girl who played with fire'. I would say i will read the books but if you know me, you know i am the slowest reader alive and find it difficult, yet again to motivate myself to read. The main character, Lisabeth Salander, is so interesting it makes you want to see the next one immediately, so i may have to try and get to the cinema and see that! I would recommend it to anyone, but watch it in Swedish with English subtitles. So much better. It's like Wallander, the investigation programme! That's Swedish and very good. Good old Swedes.

I have also watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is possibly the best animation EVER. It is a stop motion, which you can guess is basically where they alter the models to suit every single little movement, so each scene must have taken days to make, so it must have taken AGES for the entire animation to be completed. I've done my research and it actually says that the director, Wes Anderson, filmed some scenes on his iPhone. But hey, you can;t always trust Wikipedia. I find films so interesting. I wish i could work in films doing something. Hopefully one day I shall. I would loveeee...i mean LOVE LOVE to do the voice for a cartoon or animated film. As i like putting on acsents allllllllll the time. AnywayyI thought seen as it is going to take me an age to complete, but i am really happy with it so far, i would put up my Gordon-Levitt picture so far so you can see how I'm getting on! The picture doesn't particularly do it justice if I'm honest, i feel it is one of my best so far so I'm unsure why I'm not eager to finish it. So i shall have to upload a proper picture when i have completed it.

Monday, 23 August 2010

V Festival 2010

I hath returned and blimey that was one brilliant trip! I haven't laughed quite that much in a long time, just from being so happy! I won't ramble on about it as i find when you try to describe how much you enjoyed something, it never quite comes across to the other person how you might want! So instead, here a few of the best bands i saw when at V fest and a few of my favourite pictures from the event! :)

These are the main bands we saw :)