Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sleeping Beauty

More initial ideas, focusing on Sleeping Beauty. I am trying not to look at Disney's version of the story, as i want it to be my own take and I know if i watch it, I will be influenced by it somehow!

My idea so far is Desperate Housewives inspired, set on a neat, pristine street. There will still be magic involved, so the characters will still cast spells, etc. Here is how i am seeing my characters in my head, when comparing them to the originals:

King and Queen = Owners of the most beautiful garden on the street
Sleeping Beauty = Their daughter, excellent at gardening
Prince Phillip = Gardener, loves Beauty because she has the best garden
Evil Witch = Jealous neighbour, whose garden will never be as good
Good Fairies = Friendly neighbours, looking out for their friends

First mock of beauty