Saturday, 24 March 2012


After my weekly Friday crit, I have gained some useful feedback to improve on the ideas i have had so far. I am going to experiment with adding textures to the images i have already created, as well as new ones. This will hopefully add a bit more depth to the drawings and make them more interesting at the same time. Using different papers is also something i am keen to try out, as someone in my group uses tracing paper regularly and said it would be worth trying it out if I am looking to work in layers. I'm pretty much planning to play around with a few techniques, scan stuff in, photocopy it, cut it out. Mess about but find something worthwhile in the end. Going to get stuck into it tomorrow.

I'm also going to blog and write a lot more, as my hard drive recently died and i lost all my work from this year and like a fool, i didn't back it up. So, i think my blog is a good place to store all my work and findings.

Here is a doodle of my laptop sadness :(