Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pros and Cons

Latest uni project, based around editorial illustration, for newspapers for example. We had a selection of topics to choose from and I picked Fast Food. The aim was to create a pro image, showing fast food to be good and a con image, showing the negatives of it.
We worked to a 40x40mm size, but i've blown them up here.
Must say I haven't really enjoy this project, as I think it helps to be very opinionated. We have been largely encouraged to keep up to date with the news etc throughout the course, but it bores and depresses me, so i find drawing sailors and men with 8 arms far more productive. Saying that it has been interesting to work to a time limit, as editorial illustration needs to be developed and produced very quickly, we had a workshop on that the other day, so i found that helpful towards this project.
I also realise the pro image isn't entirely effective, so it doesn't scream out 'PROOOOOO' which it should, so I should do something about that but I'm going to work on some personal sketchbook work instead, as I'm at the end of my tether.