Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Having just finished my latest self directed project at college, i am worn out and don't have a lot to show for it, which is very unlike me I would say. So I feel pretty darn disappointed in myself to be honest. BAD TIMES. In saying this, everything has come together in the end, I just wish it had earlier so I could have produced more relevant work. And honestly, I've never been so confused and bewildered in myyyyy LIFE. Hense why i haven't posted in a while properly, as I haven't had a lot of good quality work to talk about, it's all been ideas that came to a dead end before i finally decided to change direction completely, focusing on pizza boxes.
The idea is that you can order a themed pizza that comes with a matching playlist, for example my vision of a modern interpretation of an 80's pizza box is shown below. I haven't photographed them properly yet, so i'll add the pictures when i do, i just took these to show my brother real quick. Anywayyyy, so you could be having an 80's themed party and you fancy pizza for your guests, so order up some pizza and they come with a playlist on the back.