Sunday, 3 October 2010


I am beginning to get very confusedddddd! Grrr i hate making decisions by myself, which isn't very independent but to be honest, I am very much the sort of person who likes a little reassurance that the choice i make is the right one. Not that there is a right one to make. I think spontaneous decision will always be my favourite in life, so much funner! Ohhh I'm talking nonsense! See, this is why I'm confused. And I'm moving house soon, which will be weird and exciting and crazy and a nightmare but good all the the same time, I think. Well hope! Anywayyyy enough of my life rambling, I just needed to share some of those thoughts with you, as you are reading this and clearly have taken the time out to listen to what i have to say and of course, view the work i so enjoyably produce for the world to see (well not the world but that would be cool if people from all over do actually look :D)
Fact of the day: thought you'd like to know I'm wearing one sock and not surprisingly my foot in cold.

Today has been a good day. I went to Nottingham Contemporary and saw some pretty cool work. I'm not an overly contemporary person, as you well know, but i was actually intrigued by the stuff there so i might fill you in about this if i get time tomorrow or something! I then came home after a lovely Starbucks and went on to watch a cheeky rom com '27 Dresses'. Pure predictable soppy stuff but we al love it but never admit it. Never can understand why but maybe one day i will!
So i've done a new face wound which i shall show you and also thought i'd just upload a few sketches and studies i did a while ago when reading a book on Anatomy. It's a bloody good book that :) Enjoy.