Sunday, 31 October 2010


My friend Hannah came round last night and for the first time EVER, i tried out a fake wound on someone other than myself! Crazaaaayyy! I only did a little gash on her forehead but it looked pretty cool so i shall show you it!
I also did a slit on my own neck but i forgot to Photograph it before i went out and i came home later that night and it was all falling off and just AHHH no, didn't look anything like it did when i went out!
I'll still upload a picture but it's not very impressive i warn you now! :)
Also sorry for not putting much work up or generally anything! It's half term and i have officially been living in my new home for 9 days and you may be happy to hear i'm settling in wonderfully and love it here :) Don't worry i'll get back into the groove now!
I've got some college work which i am finishing off at the moment and will soon be putting up pictures of that to show you how i'm getting on! So here you are enjoy!