Saturday, 18 September 2010


Had a bit of a spur of energy recently and i have actually managed to do another wound! Which is a bit shocking really. I didn't actually take photos of the stages because i tried this wound on my face, which i haven't done before but it worked quite well actually! Here you go

This one is a lot different o my other because i tried to make it subtle and look more realistic than just completely bloody and gruesome! I wanted it to look like a bruise so added yellowish, green and purpley colours around the wound.
Why did i add these colours i hear you say?
Well i'm no good at medicine or science anything like that but i do remember that bruise are a minor form of internal bleeding and we see these array of colours due to burst capillaries and a leakage of blood into the surrounding tissues and it's all part of the healing process.

Or something like that anyway, i would google it but i feel clever having not, even though that is most probably incorrect! Ahhh well hey! Anyway i hope you like this one, i'm quite pleased with the result and might try another one on the face, just for grins :)