Sunday, 26 September 2010


I am trying to branch out from my basic fake wounds and have recently bought a book to try and develop my knowledge of prosthetics in general. Anywayy that's not really relevant as i followed this youtube tutorial, to make nasty looking dirty nails!
It was great to try something other than the basic latex wounds and showed me there is a lot which comes under the title of prosthetics that i didn't even know about! I didn't have all the right equipment and wasn't very precise with cutting the nails too fit my own, but i'd say overall it turned out fairly well! I can imagine this technique would work well for old london tramp in Oliver or something similar! I also read about making your teeth really disgusting and dirty in my new book as well, so totally going to try that one out one day!
I then decided to add a classic wound, just for laughs, which then turned into some kind of really over the top zombie corpse type thing. I always use acrylic to paint on my skin which i possibly shouldn't and it isn't very effective because you can't blend it very well and it's very irritating! So i'm going to try and find some face paint of something, though i think I'm allergic to it, but never mind it will be worth it :) Hope you like!