Thursday, 16 September 2010

Another wound

Since my last post, which was a long while ago, i have started College and settled in nicely which is good :) It's an Art Foundation course if your interested and i have met some lovely already and i'm really looking forward to this project we're about to start to do with making books! If I enjoy it, you'll know as i shall inform on here :) Anywayyyy who cares about that, when i've been making fake wounds again! WAHOO!

Here you have a lovely fake wound across the hand. I intended for it to look like a knife slice or something, ripped open so you can see the muscles beneath but it didn't work how i wanted! This was because I didn't mix the Liquid Latex i use (see older posts for more info) with any toilet paper, making it very rubbery and rubbish for painting onto! Also when i painted the wound i wasn't pleased with the outcome. I was just being generally lazy about it wasn't I, couldn't be arsed to mix the colours properly so they came out majorly purple and pink, not the most realistic i'll be honest but hey ho, learn from your mistakes i say! I think I'm rather disgusting actually, because i love making these, there so fun to create and ahhhh i just think they're cool when there all done and you see the progression! Actually next time i do one i shall take pictures of the stages so you can see too :) Hope you like anyways! :)