Thursday, 26 August 2010


I can't believe how long it is taking me to get motivated. I haven't finished my Joseph Gordon-Levitt drawing yet. How bad is that. As i have been saying for like half the summer that I would do. I think it's just because i haven't had a routine. I find when you get up at the same time, have breakfast, shower, get ready etc. it puts you in the right frame of mind to go out and get on with the day. Where as i feel now days i just waste the time i could spend painting and creating which is what i love but i just can't force myself at the moment to do something other than relax. Which i suppose isn't a bad thing but i don't like it. It is boring and unrewarding, so there i am looking forward to starting college on Wednesday :) get me back into the groove of things! Oh dear i did not just say groove.

I haven't even done any fake wounds for ages or anything. This saddens me. I might do one tomorrow just for laughs.

Anyway i have just watched the swedish film version of 'The Girl with the dragon tattoo' and that is one of the best films i've seen since Inception. So not that long really but it was so impressive, realistic and engrossing (as in it kept you on your toes, wanting to know more). The next film comes out tomorrow, that's 'The Girl who played with fire'. I would say i will read the books but if you know me, you know i am the slowest reader alive and find it difficult, yet again to motivate myself to read. The main character, Lisabeth Salander, is so interesting it makes you want to see the next one immediately, so i may have to try and get to the cinema and see that! I would recommend it to anyone, but watch it in Swedish with English subtitles. So much better. It's like Wallander, the investigation programme! That's Swedish and very good. Good old Swedes.

I have also watched Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is possibly the best animation EVER. It is a stop motion, which you can guess is basically where they alter the models to suit every single little movement, so each scene must have taken days to make, so it must have taken AGES for the entire animation to be completed. I've done my research and it actually says that the director, Wes Anderson, filmed some scenes on his iPhone. But hey, you can;t always trust Wikipedia. I find films so interesting. I wish i could work in films doing something. Hopefully one day I shall. I would loveeee...i mean LOVE LOVE to do the voice for a cartoon or animated film. As i like putting on acsents allllllllll the time. AnywayyI thought seen as it is going to take me an age to complete, but i am really happy with it so far, i would put up my Gordon-Levitt picture so far so you can see how I'm getting on! The picture doesn't particularly do it justice if I'm honest, i feel it is one of my best so far so I'm unsure why I'm not eager to finish it. So i shall have to upload a proper picture when i have completed it.