Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chef Sophie

Just an excuse for a post. Here's an old picture i drew which i've always liked. It's of my friend Emma and i used coloured pencil crayons, as you can see! The Matthew Fox i am trying to do at the moment will hopefully come out with the same sort of style! Anywayyyy today, i put my culinary skills to the test and made dinner for the family! Which is pretty major for me as i'm no Nigella, let's be honest! I made a cross between Shepard's pie and Bolognese! It was actualyl rather tasty and took a far part of my day to put together but it was worth it!

Here it is, in all it's glory!

If i envy anyone it is
1. People who are really athletic
(becuase they are so motivated, i mean i couldn't do hardcore exercise everyday, it shows haaa)
2. People who can deal with any situation no matter how unusual
3. And people who can cook
(because it's just a great life skill and produces the amazment, which is FOOD)
Fortunately my family all really enjoyed it. Was rather successful to be quite frank and i feel i am well on my way to being Nigella.

I just ate a fly. Thought i would share that. It flew into my mouth and i then ate it before realizing. NASTY.

So yes, that was my. I also have been doing some college work and ate lemon sherbets which were so sour my mouth bled which was severe but worth it because lemon sherbets are my favourite :)