Thursday, 5 August 2010

Blood Diamond

You many have noticed I only really write about films or art but it's because they are two great, great things. So since Inception I can't stop loving Leo and have recently watched Blood Diamond! For those who don't know, the plot is based around conflict diamonds being smuggled from South Africa to America and other places. It's a very intense, captivating movie i would say, which was also very moving (i nearly did shed a tear). It's quite a long film but it was really worth the watch. One of those eye opener films that makes you appreciate life and gives you an insight into the unfortunate lifestyles of slaves and those being held captive etc.

Anywayyy let's not get depressing. I mean, it's not a depressing film because it's very informative, based on true facts (not a true story though) but it obviously isn't the chirpiest of films! There's lots of action scenes though which I loved. I'm a fan of films like the Bourne films and Public Enemies, stuff like that, so really appealed to me!

I intend to watch the departed with Dicaprio so i shall possibly report back if i get round the watching that!
Also I have been slacking and literally having even finished my Joseph Gordon-Levitt drawing, which is a bit pathetic and i am also going to start a Matthew Fox (Jack from Lost) one soon for Eliot, because he loves him. As do I. Not as much as Sawyer though...phoawrrrr! SO i shall report back with that! Also agessss ago when i wrote about A Single Man, i said i would wirte about another film. I'm not going to clearly because it wasn't THAT great on reflection. It was An Education. Worth the watch. A bit odd but nice screen shots of Paris and France in general :)