Saturday, 14 August 2010

Ahh! Mr Bounce

Yesterday was brilliant. Charlotte Eley hosted a wonderful:
bouncy castling, barbecuing , marsh-mellow roasting, cider drinking, slug squashing, ultimate frisbee playing, shuttle cock hitting, tent camping, cat stroking, deadly 60 watching, smoke eye squinting, at Calum laughing
So thank you!
Was a very good night i must say! I didn't take any pictures because i don't like my camera but other people did so i may pop a picture up which i shall steal :)

I have finished Eliot's present which is Matthew Fox (Jack from Lost). I'm not that fond of it because i can see the major imperfections, like the eyes and nose and chin and errggghhh it's irritating! But i'm sure El will like it. I hope :) Anyway there it is below! Eliot, if you read this beforei give it you, i have framed it for you :)

I also went for a lovely walk with Dad the other day and we took some pictures of the field. I've put up some pictures previously which i took on my good camera of the same location where we walked, just a little field near where i live. I love it down there, the river is beautiful and i saw a man not long ago swimming against the current! You can actually buy machines which simulate (i think that is the appropriate word?) the strong current of a river so you can train yourself to be a stronger swimmer! So i found it interesting to see someone embracing the great outdoors, it was just very nice to see! Anywayyyy here are a couple of pictures of us on hay barrels :)