Monday, 5 July 2010

Liquid Latex

Looking at my previous attempt at making a fake wound, it's really not as good as when you use Liquid Latex.
I tried to create a kind of burn or acid burn! This was a first go at using it, just after looking at tutorials and pictures etc. It's funny because you don;t expect it to be as rubbery as it is, it's like elastic when it dries! As it was drying i added some toilet roll to it and when it was practically dried i just ripped little bits to look like the more severe parts of the burn!
It's really easy to paint once it's dry and because it dries white, i just used some foundation to make it blend in to my skin and then used acrylic paint to add the gory bits :)

Hopefully you will think it is a lot better than my first go! Also if you try it, always put vaseline on before hand, otherwise, if you put it on a bit of your skin which has hairs, it will rip them off, which hurts. Yes i do know because i was foolish enough to allow the latex to spill over where i had applied vaseline! Like i say, idiot! And alsooooooo it doesn't allow you skin to breath so leaving it on for a long time would be silly :) I'll keep trying out different techniques, might try it on my face but it's kinda risky with sensative skin!

Anyyyyywayyyy i'll shhhh