Sunday, 13 June 2010


I came on blogger, as i'm very bored these days, seen as all my friends are busy revising and i'm not MUHA. I'm just waiting until June 30th. Butttt it has it good points, obviously. My friend Emily would probably kill to be me right now having 'la merde charge' of exams. Pardon my french. Literally. But these are lonely lonely times! I miss PEOPLE! Anywayyy i came on and found that you can use this new design template thing and thought i have the time sooooo i'll check it out! I changed the layout so it looks a bit more like a website than a blog but i'm not sure if i'm going to stick with it yet! We shall see! The background is just a selection of a few of my favourite drawings and paintings i did over the previous summer. I think they compliment one another nicely so decided this would make a nice background to suit my lil bloggy oggy, and pretty much sum it up i suppose :)
Heres the background in full, just so you can have a proper lookie! I haven't done any painting recently becauseeee i'm waiting for some paper to be delivered. I used to get my paper supplies from school but seen as i've left, i can't! And i didn't actually think about taking a stash before i left damit! So i've HAD to order some. That's a lie. Basically translates to 'i couldn't be arsed to go to town and get some, so i went on amazon'. Well it is rainy. And town is boring on your own :) So when i get my paper i will start painting again. My oldest brother Adam, i have two, this one is Adam, asked the other if he could 'have' my Brandon Boyd painting. I love it so said no but i will do him a different one of anyyyyyyonne he wants. So soonish you shall see another painting of some musician of his choice :)