Saturday, 19 June 2010


I NEED TO WRITE ABOUT THAT FILM! I will one day! But more interestingly, recently i spent two days helping out with some set design at school. I know i've left but it was something to do and it has honestly been a great experience! I learnt so much just from those couple of days about the theatre design industry! I took some pictures along the way of the progress we made over the couple of days, this was between two of us by the way, a woman named Claire Winfield, who is a scenic artist for Derby and Nottingham playhouse, was kind enough to let me lend a hand :)
The design is for the school production of Oliver which is being put on in July. Claire designed the entire back drop herself, based on research on the internet and books. We then projected the design onto the wall of the main hall stage. We used layers to map out the basic colours of buildings and all that, gradually strengthening the colours! It was a pretty hands on job to be honest, climbing up scaffolding and jumping around! Felt like a monkey. Good times. So anyyywayy here are the pictures, showing how the set progressed! :)