Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I love painting on my skin. I decided i would try and make fake wounds and gashes in my arms to look like i have been cut. No I'm not going through a sinister goth type girl phase (sorry to stereotype) BUTTTT i have been watching far too much CSI and love the make up and special effects in the programme!

Okay so i understand the scalpel might be a bit over the top, but that was Alex's idea as he took the pictures! Haaa but i went along with it anyway!
Anywayyyyy so i would have used some kind of halloween skin paint, if i had any but i don't so i just used acrylic paint, which is okay butttt it's quite annoying to remove! When i have previously painted on my skin i just washed it off and it came off in lumps but you can, as I discovered, peel it off, which is incredibly painful and rips the hair away. Ouchie.

I used clear PVA glue for the basic outline and stuck down toilet roll as well, to emphasize the wound. It looked funny for a while and then i painted it, using darker tones on the inside so that the cut looked like skin had been ripped away!

Gruesome huh? I actually invest in some special make up to see if i could make it more realistic and maybe ONE DAY i could work for the CSI show :)

i can see it now