Tuesday, 8 June 2010


One of my favourite people in the world is Eliot. I tell him this regularly because it's true!
I can't wait for him to make a blog because i reckon it will be a very good read! Today i received a text from Eliot. It said that he was reading my blog and that he had read both my posts about Signs and Pixar. Unbeknown to the fact i had updated my blog with these, coincidently he had order some Pixar DVD's earlier that week and thought it was fate that this happened. Creeeeeeppppppyyyyyyy HUH??? Well i thought it kinda was :)
If you ever need to laugh. Talk to Eliot.
If you ever need to feel happy. Talk to Eliot.
If you ever need a generally nice chat. Talk to Eliot.
If you need a bloody brilliant hug. Hug Eliot.
Here is a picture of Eliot i drew him for his birthday :)

Also...it's Ella West's birthday today so i'd like to say