Friday, 11 June 2010


Well i have now completed school, exams, coursework, the LOT and i need to really find something to do with my time. As it has been extremely rainy, i haven't been able to venture out as much as i would have liked so i've been stuck inside watching films and tele. Which isn't such a bad thing :)
I have firstly watched two extremely good films in the past couple of days, i mean EXTREMELY good.
The first is A Single Man directed by Tom Ford. It stars Colin Firth and Nicholas Hoult (Tony from skins if that helps). My brother is really into 60's fashion and all that and has been going on about the film for ages so i decided i'd give it a go.
For anyone who has been to the Tate Gallery or the Turner Prize, then you will have seen some form of video art I imagine, well when i went on a school trip, honestly, it was ridiculous. There was a video which just zoomed in on a lemon. That was all that happened. Zoomage of a lemon. Crazyyyyy. Anywayyyyy, at the time i was so appalled by what i saw it made me really dislike contemporary art. Lately however my view is changing, which i think is a good thing? Maybe? I don't know, because i really don't want to turn my art into crap because that is what's popular! It would just be heartbreaking quite honestly, but i'm beggining to like it more and more. I mean look at artists like Anish Kappor, he's just brilliant. Definitely the sort of modern art i would support.
So getting back to A Single Man. It's relevant because the film itself, is shot like video art. I would describe it as a piece of artwork rather than a film, because it is beautifully pictured and though the plot isn't always made incredibly clear, it highlights simplistic everyday moments, which have suddenly been recognized, in contrast with the characters isolation. My brother described it like that, his name is Alex by the way, if i ever talk about Alex that's him :) and since he told me i began to realize the beauty of the film!
I don't want to ramble on for ages and am beginning to lose concentration, so my next post will be about the other film i watched which has won loads of awards and all that so i'll let you know all about it :)