Friday, 28 May 2010


I'm a big believer of signs. Like fate I mean. I think that everything happens for a reason. I've just been sat here typing out different examples for about 10 minutes, trying to describe what i mean, but I'm not great with short stories, i tend to ramble for ages and then realize i've been talking for to long and then try to apologize and i just think... SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP!
But that's not really the point, honestlyyyyyyyy, i do go on.
That is what i am talking about, I will try to stick to it haaa! Might be a challenge!
So anyway i'm not sure about people lives being already mapped out but i do reckon that things happen for a reason to influence your decisions. Now i've only heard the song 'Chillin' by Lady Gaga and some rapper like once or twice...and it's not a recent song really it's relatively old and not very popular, but it's reminds me of someone. Today i bumped into that person when i was out and when i got home and whapped the music channels on. Blow me down there the song was AND THENNNN i changed the channel and there it was again! I take this as a sign, to remind me of that person yet again. Maybe i look into things too much but i really like the thought of things happening for a reason, even small things like being in traffic and then you arrive 10 minutes late and just miss Mum as she headed out to the shop. That doesn't happen to often but once i did forget my keys and couldnt get in so sat on the bench in the front garden and saw some yobs throwing rubbish on my lawn and i gave them a piece of my mind. Now if i had my key i would never have seen them do it. They have never done it since :) muhaaa
That's my thought for the day or night. Deep thinking is nice every now and then. But i haven't put any work on lately so here is a quick ink drawing i did today of an old man/woman, who i saw in one of my art books! Bit weird and freaky looking, but i can imagine this to be some kind of creepy old victorian person, not sure why, i just get that vibe you know!