Thursday, 27 May 2010


My 21 year old brother lent me Toy Story 1 & 2 on special edition DVD, which is funny that he even has that, but anyway, i have watched the first one and need to watch the second one, in preparation for Toy Story 3 :)
I have also become really interested in how animation works, admittedly i am a loser who watches every single clip on the bonus features disc which comes with most films. I watched the both the discs for each Toy Story and then moved onto Finding Nemo, which was fascinating, as they spend literally THREE WHOLE YEARS making these films, sometimes even longer! I need to buy all of the Pixar films, i currently need/most want Ratatouille, which i was going to get once from Asda for £3 but didn't. if i could go back in time, that would be the first thing i would change. Ahhhhhhh. Then i also need Monsters Inc, A Bugs Life and Up (which i haven't even seen yet :O) so i really want that one.
Anyway, from looking at the bonus features discs, the processes which they go through in order to create the films are so cool, they create little drafts using basic pen sketches, then move on the using coloured pens and pastels to show where shadow and light would fall within the scene. Once all the basics are mapped out they send the designs to be created on the computer :) Once they have created the characters digitally, they then send the images over to the clay sculptor, who works and a speedy rate to make these amazing models which can then be used within the animations. WOAHHHH it's so interesting. Hard work though, could never be that patient, every time i start something i literally have to finish it that day, otherwise it irritates me, that's probably why i get repetitive straining in my hand and arm. BAD TIMES. But if you can, do watch the bonus features, there boring some of them but i just love seeing how it's made and cannot wait to see Toy Story 3 because i'm a big kid and love it :)