Saturday, 15 May 2010


Recently finishing my coursework i did some detailed drawings of my brother to put in and i have been particularly pleased with one drawing shown here

I enjoyed drawing this because you can see the detail in his back muscles!
Anywayyyy i am really not very well at the moment! Have a very nasty cold which is getting on my nerves now, but don't you worry, i am taking my Beechams cold and flu medicine so should be better soon! I hope so anyway as i have my school leavers ball next friday and don't want to be ill for it! It is also typical that when the production of my drama group QUADS plays are taking place i feel like crap! I don't mind though i'm always happy haha :D
This picture makes me happy. It is my dog Luke when my Dad and I went for a walk the other week. He's getting a bit old now at 10 years old, but he still looks handsome bless him!