Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Today I purchased a bike. What a pain it was to fit in the car but worth it, as when i got home i rode around the village embracing the lovely evening :) It's literally the first time i've ridden a bike/done some exercise in about 4 years! OOPS. Well that's all changed now i have my bike :)
I love being outdoors and taking pictures when i go for walks and things, i may even take my camera on a bike ride, thats a good idea. Well done me. But yes here are just a few pictures, again including the dogs of a few walks i have been on! It shows summer is nearing, especially as it was 17 degrees today and very humid might i add. So getting there heat wise. Supposedly going to be 23 degrees on friday, which would be lovely as it is my school ball :) which i am rather excited about. i don't really know who reads this by the way but i know Charlotte Eley will read this most likely so Hello :) i hope your cold is getting better...Sorry about that, but yes i hope it will be a really nice day full of gooooddddddd times, as Justin Lee Collins would say.
Anyway enjoy these photographs!